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Recently, there has been a flurry of fierce, loud and angry debates on social and mainstream media about what can be said and what ideas can be expressed. People get fired from their jobs for posting their thoughts on social media or making comments that other people find offensive or simply expressing ideas with which others disagree.

What is in contention here? One of the core values of the American society is enshrined in, and commonly referred to as, the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This

Since 2016, we may recall how intensely NFL quarterback, Colin…

By: Pechulano Ngwe Ali

Journalists should get involved in a story they are covering because it is important to be human. No story is worth a life.

While on assignment assisting in the production of a documentary on extreme poverty in Northern Cameroon recently, I faced an ethical dilemma. As I watched two seven-year-olds put a fierce fist fight over who should eat the biggest share of a banana peeling, I felt what it means to live in hunger. For over 10 minutes, I watched these youngsters fight over a banana peeling my colleague has just dropped. As a journalist…

Pechulano Ali

Trained Journalist, Civil Debater, Mentorship/Youth Advocate, Ph.D. Candidate

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